Since 1986, our books have earned outstanding reviews from newspapers and magazines throughout the United States, including the Wall Street Journal and Success Magazine. We are listed in Dun & Bradstreet, and are members of our local Chamber of Commerce and every major consumer protection agency in our area.
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There's a hard way to look for grants and loans, and there's an easy way. Ours is the easy way. In fact, it's the easiest way you'll find anywhere to learn about funding from both the government and non-profit organizations.

You see, most information you'll find on grants and loans, however cleverly renamed or repackaged, is really just a reprint of the government's or foundation's program descriptions --- thousands of them, detailing financing for everything from space station construction to deep sea exploration. They average about 500 lines per type of grant. Worst of all, they're written in Mumbo Jumbo, that strange and exotic language you've encountered while trying to read the tax code.

We've translated those long, garbled grant descriptions into plain English. Browse through one of our books, read the clear, brief descriptions of the grants that suit you, and you're well on your way to getting them. You'll find the same vital information right there in the book that you'd eventually find in the government's or foundation's own text. All you miss is the Mumbo Jumbo.

Of course, there's always the chance that your idea of a good time is struggling through thousands of pages of documentation, muttering to yourself, "What do they mean by that?" and "What's that sentence really saying?" If that's the case, don't let us spoil your fun.

But if you'd rather use your time spending your grants than finding them, our books are for you. Just click on the books that interest you to learn more about them.

Your satisfaction is our greatest concern. That's why all of our books are unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days.

 Business Grants and Loans from the Government and Foundations
 Grants for Owning or Renovating a Home from the Government and Foundations
 Government Land for Pleasure and Profit
 Funding for Women and Minorities
 Funding for Writing and the Arts
 Travel Grants and Other Ways to See the World for Free
 Foundation Funding for Individuals
 The Book of Venture Capitalists
 How to Sell to the Government